The CJD Support Network was set up in 1995 by relatives of people who have died with CJD, and is the only UK charity dedicated to the disease. 

Our mission is to help ensure that appropriate practical and emotional support is available for all strains of CJD in the UK, and those at increased risk of CJD.

Our strategies for fulfilling our mission include; providing practical and emotional support for individuals affected by or at increased risk - and their families - via our national helpline and support email service, supporting those in financial need through our caring grants, linking those with similar experiences via our online community and in person support meetings, providing infomation to professionals who wish to learn more about CJD. 

Our community is made up primarily of individuals and families whose lives have been touched by CJD. Our management committee includes individuals whose families have been affected by various forms of the disease, as well as medical and care experts from the National Prion Clinic (London) and National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit (Edinburgh).