The CJD Support Network awards care grants to families in financial need through caring for a relative with all types of CJD. The care grants are awarded when the reason for the request is valid, but is not covered by health or social services. The application has to be accompanied by a letter from a doctor confirming a diagnosis of CJD and a letter from a social worker confirming the financial need.

To apply for a care Grant please download the form by clicking here. The form will open in a new window and you will find instructions on what to do next on the form.

The care grant fund is funded totally from public donations and we would like to thank everyone who has given donations. Without donations we could not support families in the way we do.

If you wish to make a donation to the network, please click here to visit our 'How to Donate' page. 

Every penny of your donation will be used in our work supporting families affected by CJD.

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