These are some of the current CJD Fundraiser stories:  

 By Annette Beal [September 2019]

Annette Beal and husbandMy late husband Mick, who died of sCJD, loved his greyhound racing. 
He was also a kennel hand – 
I still have his retired dog at home with me.


Micks Baby Girl

Our dear friends Martin and Carol Haythorne, who are greyhound trainers, 
have bred a greyhound and in memory of Mick 
her racing name is ‘Mick’s Baby Girl’. 
She is owned by Carol and me, is trained by Martin and runs at Doncaster Greyhound Stadium.

 At Martin’s request any money received from running (run money) will be donated to the CJD Support Network. 


Click here to see a video of Mick's Baby Girl racing at Doncaster  (She is dog number 4)

So far, Mick's Baby Girl has raised £266, which has been generously donated to the CJD Support Network, by her and her trainer, Martin Hawthorne

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 Jonathan Callow [August 2019]

 Jonathan cycled the Ride London - Surrey 100 miles, on August 4th 2019

Jonathan CallowI was fortunate to get a place in the "Prudential RideLondon - Surrey 100" ballot, so I’ve decided to forego “free-cycle-jerseys”, “cheer-teams”, “post ride showers”, “massages” and “after-parties” to raise money for a cause that’s closely affected my family and me.

Ten years ago my Dad lost his life to CJD - a devastating disease that's both frightening and confusing for all of those affected - patients, family members and carers alike.

So, I raised as much money as possible, split between:
The CJD Support Network   and
The Cure CJD Campaign (part of UCLH Charity


John Barrett [April 2019]

John was awarded our   "Silver Bond"  place in the 2019 London Marathon.

JohnBarrett Ldn marathon 19 John ran in memory of his wife's sister Catherine Francke and to raise money for the CJD Support Network. 
John says, "Though this was  my 3rd London and my 5th Marathon, it's seven years since  my last  run at this crazy it was tough, but I did it for a great cause.

It was with much sadness that my wife lost a truly wonderful person, her sister Catherine, who very sadly became ill with Sporadic CJD, only diagnosed last year and just 51 years old. This was devastating to her Dear Husband, two wonderful sons, a Dear Brother, my Dear wife and Cath's Dear Sister now in Oz and of course many friends and other family members It was so painful seeing her and the family suffer with this quite devastating illness. It was truly heart-breaking. Catherine and the family battled til the last, when she sadly could hold on no more. But she left us with such dignity and grace, it was peaceful, with the family there with her.

With the cause unknown for this form of CJD, there desperately needs research done as well as ongoing support for sufferers, family, friends, indeed, for anyoneconnected with this dreadful illness. The CJD Support network offers this much needed support. So, for me and all who knew Catherine, I’ve no hesitation trying to raise money for this very worthwhile Charity

Hoping that one day with their help (your help) a cure can be found, but until then please help the Network to give the much-needed support sufferers and family need at this most traumatic time in their lives.

Paulina Sutton
 [April 2019]

Paulina  ran in the 2019 London Marathon, in memory of her Mum, who died from CJD in 2018

Alison Hills [January 2019]

Alison lives in St Albans and ran the Edinburgh marathon for CJD in January 2019.

Alison Hills cThrough her Just Giving Page and other donations, Alison has raised a magnificant total of £1,087 for the Network.

This was boosted from the amount actually donated, by gift aid of £114, which shows the benefit of agreeing to gift aid any donations made to charities. 

 If you have a fundraising story we would love to hear from you -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We would like to thank all fundraisers for their gererous effort in raising the money which enables the CJD Support Network to run and to support all those affected by this terrible disease.       Back to Home Page