The CJD Support Network receives no statutory funding and so is totally reliant on
In Memoriam Donations and fundraising to continue to support patients,  families and carers.

To donate to the CJD Support Network in memory of a loved one, please go to our Giving in Memorium page under How you can help us (in the main menu)

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the friends and families of those listed below for the recent donations received in their memory.

In loving Memory

  • Gordon Barwick
  • Janet Blades
  • Anna Bellerby
  • Barbara Betty Bennett
  • John Blaylock
  • Denise Anne Cleeve
  • Chris Collins
  • Pat Conlon
  • Paul Croft
  • John Cutting
  • Stephen Roger Diamond
  • Peter Evans
  • Steven William Goddard
  • Chris Gaukroger
  • Pauline Harding
  • Beryl James
  • Margaret Jones
  • Wynford Jones
  • Michael Gerard Kiely
  • Gwen Knight
  • Robert Koehr
  • Denley Osborne
  • Philip Osborne
  • Rhoda Lillian Paulley
  • Susan Pow
  • Gillian Robinson
  • Geoffrey Victor Sanders
  • David Harry Skelton
  • Andrew Jonathan Webley Smith
  • Sylvia Storer
  • Mrs Surrey
  • Mark Webb
  • Margaret Wellings
  • Patrick Wellings